What to read next

Are you stumped on what to read next? The library offers a Reader's Advisory service that will help you discover that next great book. Greene County Reads- Book Dicussion is the book Ape House by Sara Gruen. The book discussion will be held at Paton Library March 27th at 9:00 a.m.

Describe your library's Reader's Advisory service here.  Include:

  • Where patrons can go to get advice
  • Who to go to for advice and suggestions (which staff are trained in R.A.)
  • When this service is available
  • Resources that library staff use to offer advice

Below are some links to online resources that readers can use to discover what to read next. Keep these, or delete them, or add your own. If your library subscribes to EBSCOhost's Novelist here would be a good place to add a link.